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Bijli Mahadev Temple, Kullu - 1 Day

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There are many wonderful temples of Lord Shiva in India, one of them is the holy power Mahadev in Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. The complete history of Kullu is connected to Mahadev. The ancient temple of Mahadev on a high mountain near the confluence of Beas and Parvati river in Kullu city.
It is believed in the entire Kullu valley that this valley is a form of a giant snake. This snake was slaughtered by Lord Shiva. At every place in the temple there is a terrible celestial power falling on every twelve years.
Shivaling of the temple is broken by falling of Bijli. Here the priest collects pieces of fragmented shivaling and add it to the butter. A few months later, Shivling changes into a solid form.
This is why there is a mythological story behind this Shivling that why the electricity falls in every twelve years and the name of this place is Kullu.

Exciting trek to see the famous temple in Kullu valley, Bijli Mahadev temple, nestled amidst the frozen valley with cedar forests around.Get picked up from your hotel in Manali and enjoy the nourishing scenery all the way to the destination, have a pleasant journey through out. Walk up to 2460 meters height to find solace from the very sacred place in Kullu. Indulge in a very peaceful trek to the top of the hill from where you can see the Kullu and Paravati valleys and enjoy the salubrious nature and return to Manali.

Day 1 Kullu-Bijli Mhadev-Kullu

You will meet your trek leader at a designated spot in Kullu, by 07:00 am. You’ll be transported to Chansari village to begin your day Short trek to Bijli Mahadev. This trek is 3 kms long and will take 2-3 hours to complete. The route is well marked and it is part rock and part concrete. Starting with a stiff climb, but growing less strenuous as you walk, this part of the trek takes you past villages and through forests. You’ll stop for lunch, and trek on to the temple. From the Bijli Mahadev temple, you can also see views of the Kullu and Parvati valleys. You’ll have some time to explore your surroundings before it’s time to head back. Retrace your steps to the waiting vehicles. You’ll be dropped off in Kullu, where the trip ends.

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