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Kais-dhar is one of the most explorable destination. Kais-dhar is a beautiful place located amidst nature’s cradle. We can reach kais-dhar from bhuntar with a distance of 22km. Kais-dhar is situated approximately 2500meters above the sea level. Kais-dhar is just the perfect place to spend some leisurely time in the lap of nature. Kais-dhar is also a great trekking spot that passes through a forest of pine, cedar, and blue pine. Several trails lead to Kais-dhar.

It is a part of the trekking route and is not connected through road, hence the natural beauty is still unchaste. It was the most liked place by the British people. From bhuntar to lot you can heir a taxi, or else you can rent vehicles. If u wish to travel over bus, you need to first reach kullu. From bhuntar to kullu its 10km. From kullu you are supposed to catch the bus for Bharhar, it will reach you out to lot, 1km far from lot you will get charmi village, it’s said to be the last village via this you can reach kaisdhar by exploring in the forest of cedar trees. This forest is extremely filled with well-grown green grasses even. Kais-dhar is a perfect picnic spot for families, couples and is a delight for photography enthusiasts as well. Kais-dhar is perfect for those in need of a calm and relaxing holiday.

kaisdhar kullu india

Even traveling in this forest is really breathtaking and adventurous also. Overall this place can be called as nature’s miracle, exploring here brings you more surprising things in each step, even one must be fortunate to travel in kais-dhar.

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You need a guide

Since you will be having many locations to explore in kais-dhar, you can’t travel over without a experienced guide. Presence of guide is important for you since you will be new to the place and will be not having any idea of the place. If you’re willing to travel and explore alone, there will be more chances of missing the path, as kais-dhar is totally occupied by nature. And there is no much facilities for the accommodation, since it’s a forest. There will be more possibility of animal attacks. So, an experienced guide is preferred here for best traveling.

Top Think To Do In Kais-dhar

Mainly you have three-way to reach kais-dhar.  One is as mentioned before. Second Doharnala. Third is peej.To reach kais-dhar you have to climb the mountains and hills, during this journey you will come across various beautiful views. The journey will start from bhuntar. Soon after reaching kullu, there you are going to find the most beautiful landscape view. Further, you can reach out through walk itself. After reaching kaisdhar, you will find a place called chambaghadh. Chambaghadh is just an hour away from kaisdhar. After this kupdi is located. Where we have a temple of goddess. Further you need to walk, where you will reach Svargpur. In svargpur you will get most great view of whole Himachal Pradesh, as it is a peak. After that down, you will get a place called Tarpur.


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