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Bijli Mahadev

bili mhadev

There are many wonderful temples of Lord Shiva in India, one of them is the holy power Mahadev in Kullu of Himachal Pradesh. The complete history of Kullu is connected to Mahadev. The ancient temple of Mahadev on a high mountain near the confluence of Beas and Parvati river in Kullu city.
It is believed in the entire Kullu valley that this valley is a form of a giant snake. This snake was slaughtered by Lord Shiva. At every place in the temple there is a terrible celestial power falling on every twelve years.
Shivaling of the temple is broken by falling of Bijli. Here the priest collects pieces of fragmented shivaling and add it to the butter. A few months later, Shivling changes into a solid form.
This is why there is a mythological story behind this Shivling that why the electricity falls in every twelve years and the name of this place is Kullu.

History Of Bijli Mahadev

It is said that long ago there was a monster named Kulant. The monster coming near the Kullu came to Mathan village from Lahaul Spiti with the formation of a Dragon from Nagandhar and from the Ghaggardhar of the Mandi.
By killing the monster-like python horoscope, it wanted to douse the water in the water by blocking the flow of the Beas river.
Behind her The objective was that all the living creatures living here would be drowned in the water. With this idea of Lord Shiva Kulant Got worried. Here it comes here
Lord Shiva took the demon into his faith and said in his ear that there is a fire in his tail. As soon as he heard it,
he turned back to look like, only when Bholenath attacked his head with his trident. By the death of Kulant, whose body he was killed, his body turned into a huge mountain. The area of the elite monster turned into a mountain as much as the area spread.

bili mhadev
Which is believed to have been built from the body of Kultan, after which Kulutt was known as Kulat and later Kullu.
After this, Lord Shiva ordered Indra that once every 12 years the power was dropped once in this place.
Since then . This series continues. People here see electricity falling on the temple.
In which the shivaling is shattered, but after connecting it with the butter to the priests, it again comes in the old form.
Bholenath did not want that when Bijli came down, there was a loss of public money(jan dhan).
That’s why they keep the Bijli on their side to save people. Which is why they are called Bijli Mahadev.
Kullu city is about 7 km away from the Bijli Mahadev. This place is located at an altitude of 2450 meters above sea level.
There are snow in winter. Country – Visitors from abroad come here to visit Mahadev.

How to reach Bijli Mahadev?

You can reach Kullu easily and then after that you will get bus from the bus stand for Bijli Mahadev which goes up to about Chansari village. Or you can also do private cab with the Kullu taxi stand near the bus stand. But you have to climb up to a height of 3 kilometers from the Chansari.

From the peak of the temple you can see Parvati From the peak of the temple you can see Parvati and the giant and attractive views of the Kullu valley. Whenever you look around from the peak you will not see any higher peak than you.

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